Phone and support gear focused on Privacy and Security EDC

In case my Every Day Carry (EDC) items need to be replace or shipped to a location, Amazon carries most of what I use. Not wanting a List on Amazon here I have saved some links. This list is up for review and criticism as well to help. These links might not work as they were set up for my use. You can imagine privacy, security and anonymity were considered.

EDC Phone

EDC Power

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EDC thumb drive (USB hard drive)

General purpose everyday carry, duplicated if lost. No private information. Preferred deniability if found.

Carried in a common Contact lenses case. With a Ultra Mini DM USB C Type-C OTG Adapter a Mint Mobile SIM card and a SD card All those components fit in one side of the contact case. This kit went through a clothes washing machine and maybe lost the SD card. Not sure what killed that SD card. Carried in the other side of the contact lens case is Ibuprofen, allergy pills, and anti diarrhea pills. This will fit in a watch pocket in pants.

Ventoy has been my tool to create bootable USB drives. The problem with Android and Ventoy is the USB file systems do not easily work with Android. Ventoy uses extFAT and FAT, Android will not recognize these Ventoy partitioned drives. Maybe an app like exFAT/NTFS for USB by Paragon would work but the trackers and permissive are too invasive. I imagined a perfect persistent OS using one Ventoy thumb drive to replace my EDC thumb drive.

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Tool Kit Plano Case

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