Pfsense setup possibility

What do you want advice about?

I am looking to improve my security and make my home network a bit more user friendly. I only have 3 users 1 PC, 1 shield TV, 1 Synology NAS, 1 Netgear R7960P, 2 iPhones, 1 Pixel 3, 1 PS4, and I Adguard home running on a raspberry pi.

What have you considered or looked at already?

I am thinking about setting up pfsense on an old Dell PC I have. It’s nothing great but will easily run pfsense. Is setting this up a good idea to give me more control of my network? I am currently using Adguard home to block ads and trackers. Pfsense will also do this plus a lot more right? I will take my Adguard home down if I do this.
Also should I get a domain too? So I can have my own for making an email address and to set up pfsense?

In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model?

I really have a very small threat model. I have a 3 users with over then me no tech experience.
Thanks for the help!

Welcome Stardash,

Maybe this can help you

She also has a nice video on dns you like


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I have seen the stuff Naomi has some for a while. Great stuff!

This seems like a solution in search of a problem (but that is how I make most of my decisions with tech haha, so don’t let that stop you if you want to familiarize yourself with PFsense).

PFsense does have the capability to do adblocking but if I were you I’d stick with Adguard Home even if you do use PFsense for your Firewall/Router. PFsense is a great OS, it is going to be more complex than your run of the mill router firmware which is a double edged sword (more power & flexibility, more responsibility) but it is not too complicated and there are tutorials out there for most things.

Also should I get a domain too? So I can have my own for making an email address and to set up pfsense?

These are unrelated questions. You could get a domain if you like, but it is a separate consideration not affected by your choice of firewall/router operating system, you do not need a domain name for pfsense.

I just saw the option for https in Adguard. I figured it would also be in pfsense as well. For a home network I didn’t think it will matter. I just wanted to explore all options.

I meant I have seen a lot of her posts. It is all very informative.

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