Peertube seems abandoned?

Just chequed the Peertube link (from the techlore website) and the latest video there is the proton mail revamp one. Has something happened?

It should be updated I believe, I’ll check with Henry on that today.

When we click publish on YouTube, everything auto-appears on Odysee, but PeerTube we need to actively upload to. A lot of times the import process leads to errors, and before the previous video is finished processing we have another video already published on YT, etc. It’s a bad cycle.

This is totally on us to be more vigilant about, but it’s just a frustrating issue :stuck_out_tongue: Here is a screenshot of our import log to show you how frequently we have to attempt imports before it finally succeeds.

I just imported the missing videos (The ones showing as pending) - so that should bring everything up to date, but I’m sure some will error out, I’ll keep re-attempting until they succeed. Will also reach out to the instance owners to see if there’s something on their end that can make this better.

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I assumed peertube autosynqued like youtube. But this looks very tedious

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