Payments with PayPal

I know PayPal is bad for your general privacy, but in theory – it acts as a way to pay for things online without individual sites getting your card info. Does that make PayPal more secure than punching your numbers into something like Stripe?

Never used Stripe, their virtual cards in first glance look like a masked credit card. If you have access to masked cards why worry about using PayPal, if your worried.

I messed around last week with creating a new PayPal account because knowing how I would create a new account when needed needs to be developed. Knowing how when needed prevents mistakes of figuring it out when needed.

Using masked as a term for fake, anonymous, unidentifiable, etc…

My PayPal accounts would use a masked email, masked phone, and masked credit card for account set up. Any location shipping and billing information would be considered.

The benefits of using an anonymous PayPal could be, purchase history, shipping tracking, email notifications, perhaps some dispute. The seller may have more trust using a PayPal account vs some masked credit card or prepaid Visa/MasterCard which is flagged as fraudulent. (Happened to me once because of location mismatch)
I could see having an alias, associated to a ghost address where regular purchase would be delivered. Say I wanted to have Walmart items regularly delivered to a friends house. My first choice would be to use cash purchased prepaid $500 Visa, then set up a PayPal as a back up. PayPal would email transaction details informing me a Visa card balance is low, due to the situation neither Walmart or the Visa card inform us that the balance available is low. The address information at PayPal would not be associated with the shipping information at Walmart.

In the context that @anon85917251 has used Stripe in, they are most likely referring to Stripe’s payment system that online stores will use.

You don’t always have to type your card number. Depending on the site, they might offer an option for Apple Pay or Google Pay.

This topic inspired me to work on an anonymous paypal option with prepaid visa cards.

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I would avoid providing them with fake information. I’ve found people tend to get their accounts locked as it is with any finical institution. If it happens you need to send them pictures of your IDs and bills to verify, which is not the best thing.

Thanks for reviewing my notes. If my account gets locked. Nothing will be lost except the effort. I am not putting cash into the account. Just linking to anonymous credit cards.

I had a major credit card that i really like. Decided they didnt like something about my card activity. Not sure what happened. They told me to provide my state issued drivers license. I tried to resolve the issue with out providing not just a state ID but one with my street address.

I said nope lets just close the account. Owed $53. Paid and closed. I will move my business elsewhere.

I was able to get the Walmart PrePaid Visa verified on PayPal. The verification code became available after the transaction was not pending. The card was not registered with a street address but PayPal required a mailing address, I used the walmart street address only at PayPal, nit on the card.