Patreon alternative

I really want to support Techlore financially, but I HATE Patreon.
So is it possible that you can make a Liberapay or just a better alternative to Patreon?
(I know there are other ways I can support you, but I don’t want to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

We’ve explored many Patreon alts, including Liberapay, but it wouldn’t integrate with our perks the same way as Patreon - and we’re trying to avoid having too many platforms to manage. (All reasons why we shut down our YouTube Support tiers as well) If none of our paid support methods work for you, then there are always the listed free options on our site, or you can just support us in spirit :sparkles:


Well thus is the sacrifice with the internet. I do believe that the privacy sacrifice you make to support a cause you believe in matters more than the cost of less privacy, but that’s just me. My understanding is that if techlore gets funded the whole operation improves and can be in turn more private. I do hope there is a Monero option though even if I don’t know how to get some haha.

We do support Monero, have for a long time now, on the page I linked earlier (along with several other support methods) - Patreon is not the only way.

It must’ve slipped my mind well Emil there is that for you. If you can figure out how to obtain Monero in the first place.