Password manager, Notes, Details, and Organization

KeePassDX is my current KeePass app. Most of you know the standard Entry fields title, URL, user ID, etc.

Here is some of the information stored in my file:

  • All online accounts credentials, Passwords, Usernames, login email address, URL.
  • Expiration of password
  • Expiration date of phone number
  • PIN, Account details
  • Security question, Answers
  • Associated Phone, SMS authentication.
  • Recovery email
  • Associated mailing / physical address
  • Alias name, DOB, PII

The expiration date is affected more by my activities with the account vs time. For reference if my SIM card expires in 90 days for that number I change the password while I am editing any other account data. This often is a good time for me to edit email address, even better realize I don’t use the account and delete it to create another time when I need it.

The fields unused most often by me is Tags and Groups. My thought were not using tags and using groups were based off the email account. The email reflecting my activities with that profile. Now having more temporary emails I have became unorganized.

My thoughts now are using the last 4 digits of a phone number for tags, currently I have three or so numbers. As well as the mailing / physical address number associated with the accounts. These two combinations or lack there of may help me organize my activities. For example a phone number has expired and I need to edit all tags with that number.

An alternate idea is using contacts, to create a group of contacts the alias of those accounts, and keep all sensitive information in KeePass and all PII for those accounts in “my contacts”.

Any suggestions?