Parallels and Proton

I plan to buy a MacBook and use Parallels virtualization software for all my tasks. I would like to know how to configure ProtonVPN so that as I have Proton connected to on my host machine, the VMs will automatically connect to that VPN in the host. The virtual OSes I plan are Fedora, MacOS, and Windows.

And I would also like how the configuration would work with IVPN as well.

I already looked for answers on Startpage, but there are reports that if I connect a VPN on my host machine, VMs will automatically connect to that host VPN. However, I would like corroboration about this.


There are different configs with Parallels that may or may not allow the VPN to be the default. But by default, Parallels tunnels everything through the VPN for me. Can’t confirm Proton, but there shouldn’t be any reason it’s different.

Enjoy Parallels, it’s amazing. Parallels on m1/m2 seems to run these operating systems better than most computers run them natively :stuck_out_tongue: