Our Favorite Linux Desktop Environments

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I’m also using GNOME with Fedora. I have a very great experience about it. GNOME is pretty simple but can be greatly customized with Extensions like Dash to Dock, AppIndicator, etc… I would say everyone new to linux can use it. But choosing an DE/WM is just their choice. KDE is also great :+1:


I use cinnamon with Linux mint and kde plasma with opensuse tumbleweed both of them are great for customizing window managers and apps and also use xfce and Lxqt Linux distributions on my older workstations

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I don’t really believe that it’s the duty of a service provider to check their users activity for CSAM. While no one should be creating/sharing/viewing this stuff, having any sort of scanning or control effectively sets a precedent which shows that the user has less power over their device than the law, and as Nathan rightfully pointed out, it’s a slippery slope.

Time and again, the internet has proven itself practically impossible to moderate, and maybe we should be more worried as a society about how this CSAM is created (bad digital literacy, poor self esteem with kids, pdf philia being normalised in many parts of the world) than the technicalities of how it is created or stored.

The same goes with piracy. I absolutely never pirate anything but were I to hypothetically pirate anything I would hypothetically do so not only because of the cost (though that’s important) but also because I would hypothetically not like being told what I can and cannot do with my device (which includes when and under what conditions I can watch a video/read a book).


Am I the only one who finds the debates between DEs a little silly?

KDE and Gnome can be easily customized to look similar to Cinnamon, Cosmic and XFCE

So the only reason to care about the others is the appsuite and default configs

The only DE I wish was more wide distro availablity and had Wayland support is Pantheon (but thats mainly because I am thristy for a Fedora Based ElementaryOS on the low)

My ISP started blocking VPN’s so I can’t keep using Proton VPN on my Fedora workstation machine. I’m gonna have to switch to Tails : (

Do you use the ‘Stealth’ protocol?