Origin story of the Techlore logo

Does someone know where the Techlore pinguin logo come from ? I want to know the lore behind this :sweat_smile:.
And why the surrounding 4 colors a la Google ?


Welcome to the community, @paolovador!

I also want to know the answer to this question.

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Welcome my man.
Also please, I guess the penguin from Linux with Tux, but the colors, I need to know.

This isn’t some anime guys you’re not gonna get 35 episode origin story for a freaking logo. The designer at Techlore thought of making it the way it is and that’s it. The end. Get some fresh air y’all.

For sure.
But I checked and it appeared in videos like 5 years ago. I guess @Henry was alone then.
Maybe it was the same deal than his love for lemur :sweat_smile:.
Or just Linux themed but the channel was already general tech oriented and not Linux focused

Tux + the colors used (around tux) on other linux distributions ( like ubuntu, fedora and opensuse). That is my best guess.

The original goal was to have a unification of the three major desktop operating systems. The round logo + ring from MacOS, Tux from Linux, & it’s actually the Microsoft colors (which happen to be very similar to Google)

With time this branding/logo makes less sense as things are pretty focused on privacy/security.


Thanks you very much for the insights.
Has the macos logo ever been round ? And with a circle ? I couldn’t found any trace of this

I think Henry is referring to the ring around the version logos, such as:

See more: macOS | Logopedia | Fandom

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