Orange Website subdomain creation for use in Simple Login

I’m trying to do what the title indicates. I emailed Orange Website a few days ago, but haven’t gotten a response yet, and seeing as how Orange Website seems to be popular here, I’m wondering if someone here can help me out.

Simple Login outlines how to set up a subdomain at Namecheap, but i can’t seem to reproduce the process at Orange Website as the settings are different.

  1. At SL, I added my subdomain like this in the domain section: “”.
  2. I then went to Orange Website and added an A record like this: Name: “” Type: “A” TTL: “14400” RDATA: same ip address as my domain points to.
  3. Then I added the SL TXT record as I think they indicated: Name: “” Type: “TXT” TTL: “14440” RDATA: “sl-verification=code provided”

I get this error message from SL when I try to verify so obviously I’m doing something wrong: "Your DNS is not correctly set. The TXT record we obtain is:
(Empty) "

Any pointers? Thanks!

Try again as sometimes DNS records can take a while to publish.

Also, make sure you only enter the subdomain (i.e. ex1) into the ‘Host’ field as, if you put ‘’ into the ‘Host’ field your subdomain will be ‘’

You should also lower the TTL, TTL means Time To Live; the bigger it is the longer it’ll take.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask more questions if you need :grinning:


You can use to verify the records, and set the TTL to 900 so you can change it every 15 min until you know it’s working.

Yup, this was my problem. Thank you for pointing that out! Got it up and running!

Great tool and tip. Thanks!

I found that I was blacklisted by Blacklisted by Spamhaus DBL… which is very strange as I’ve only used the email at that domain once. :frowning: I suppose it was the one person I sent a message with links to and it automatically blocked me? Any way to get things un-blacklisted? Just having the person add me to their whitelist?

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