Options for short term privacy phone numbers

I have a relatively relaxed threat model and I’m looking into disposable numbers.

To be completely honest, all I need is 1 number for a telegram account.

I would prefer privacy payment and as little customer information as possible but I’m not very strict about that requirement.

Please recommend me some services that could satisfy what I need

My recommendation for disposable numbers that you only use once to activate an account that requires phone number verification is SMSPool. I have used it a lot of times with great success and they accept Monero as a payment method. SMSPool uses real phone number for receiving the activation codes. So, services that are blocking VoIP numbers shouldn’t be a problem.

For a long term phone number my personal recommendation would be JMP.chat with Cheogram which is a VoIP solution. They do not require any kind of personal information and again you can pay using Monero. You can send a receive SMS as well as phone calls on your phone, so long you have an internet connection.

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