Opt Out Podcast

I was wondering if anyone know what happened to the Opt Out podcast. He hasn’t had a new podcast since July.

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First I’ve never heard of the podcast, but I did try to look into it. Though, it might be better to check their Matrix server.

As far as I could tell, he doesn’t seem to have a large viewership, with no community funding (excluding sponsors). I’d wager he’s just busy with his main job. Either that, or he got burnt out, feeling like he’s not really getting the viewership for the effort he’s putting in. Let’s use YT as a reference. He’s usually floating around 300 viewers, with only three of his latest casts, getting above 500. You can also see his content slowing down. From weekly, to monthly, and this is not the first time he’s waited 3 months for an upload. It’s classic signs of a creator getting burnt out and them feeling like it’s not worth the effort.


I have a feeling it’ll resume soon