OPSEC: Another private way around Google play store unwanted tracking?

anybody else notice Google’s war on Aurora store and fdroid? All the dysfunctional apps that wont work unless from google play? Ok…

so why can’t one choose to simply open a seperate gmail, following good OPSEC, then use that gmail to login to google play ? Thereby preserving ones privacy while being able to access google play in a way that down loads apps functionally?

Secondly, does anyone know exactly what sort of identifiers google play does tag on to the app dowloads ? IP trackers, IMEI trackers, phone triangulation trackers, key logger reverse engineering software, any other software that monitors/ tracks other activity of the phone, or embeds in the androidos itself even thru graphene, calyx etc. best to all…

I personally wouldn’t call it a war but I know a lot of people do because it sounds more dramatic.

  • Aurora gets rate limited because every account gets used by hundreds of use
  • for F-Droid you’re prob talking about the warning the shows up/will show up when installing it > that’s because it’s build on an old API and google wants to get rid of those apps (they’ll also remove apps that use an old API fun the play store)

And nothing is stopping you from using an Google account in Aurora that you created just for that

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Thanks Dominic… indeed the more and more that I use various operational security protocols that I’ve learned from watchin Tech lore, mental Outlaw ,doing fed time , the hated one, bruce schnier , krebs… the more it seems that there’s kind of a compound effect for how to do a layered approach. As well as I actually do read up on all the NSA public information they put out there on their strategies… such as the latest director issuing how they’ve done the" layered security approach and the zero trust approach" for several years now and they think it’s working… (never mind how much damage it causes to society and actually spreads totalitarianistic autocratic communism) that’s another ball of wax for later off topic…

However for the topic at hand it just seems that there is a variety of layered approaches one can take to access various operational security protocols for one’s own threat model and be able to operate fairly sufficiently with privacy mitigated according to one’s preferences I am looking forward to others feedback here and what they may say about whether or not Google has specific trackers implanted for furthering commandeering and mutantizing ones on personal electronic devices.

If so would seem like there would be a Wonderful class action lawsuit wbecause technically it is an invasion of privacy where I live on the state laws …and I read them… and it’s actually level 8 personal felonies…however one consents in the googke legal ease… and can you imagine having Google fined and having to give up tracking… a whole State’s population that use their products ? Cool huh…and can be proven that they were committing level eight personal felonies of invasion of privacy… ok thats a dream. Time to get back to being cyber raped!

This is the ideal solution, for “one”

The reason people are upset about these changes is they impact the community at large, making it harder for the collective to avoid Google services. It builds reliance on a big company that’s consistently acting in anti-consumer ways.

We talk about this a lot on Techlore, there will always be niche solutions for individuals, but we have to be fighting for better defaults that are easy for everyone, not just the privileged technical folks like many of ourselves who know how to navigate these situations.

Even from a selfish POV though, as of right now you still have an option to navigate around the situation. But your options will continue to diminish as well if Google continues pushing the community in a negative direction.

So just to highlight this specific part of your question: Yes please use whatever workarounds you need to go unaffected by recent issues, BUT it’s not good for us to assume that just because we individually are able to find workarounds there isn’t a much larger problem going on that needs to be discussed.