Opinion on "BeReal"

What is youre Opinion on the BeReal social media app?

BeReal asks all users to upload a photo at a random time, recording with both the front and rear camera.
With no option to choose filters etc. its supposed to provide realistic insights, instead of the distorting representations on “conventional” social media platforms.

Privacy wise they require a phone number for registration. They also want access to precise geolocation data and youre adressbook but as the privacy policy states you can deny those. but i don’t know what they do with the data behind closed doors…

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Im thinking about switching to BeReal from Snapchat as my only social media network, to stay in contact with some friends in that way.

Non-native speakers here, please forgive me for mistakes


I think the basic principle is great. “Real”, unedited authentic photos to avoid all the edited photos from e.g. Instagram. But that’s the only thing I like about the app (I’ve never used BeReal, btw).

Like any other popular social media app, it collects significant personal data.
Since the BeReal app does not offer subscriptions, in-app purchases or ads they need to make money via other ways. They claim that it makes money through investments.
BeReal collects the following data:

- Names
- IP addresses
- Number of friends and invitations
- Comments left on content
- Dates of birth
- Phone numbers
- Email addresses
- Transaction data
- Data from phone camera
- Geo-location
- Photos stored on phones

The privacy policy of the BeReal app mentions the usage of third-party cookies. So, the app contributes to tracking and advertising strategies like retargeting. Furthermore, it does state to share data that users have licensed to the company with third parties. That includes all the posts you have made.

In BeReal terms of usage, the company explains that each user grants a 30-year license to content posted on the platform. That means that they can store, host, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, edit, distribute and sublicense their users content. Such conditions explain that BeReal can use photos meant for your friends for their marketing.


Love the idea, but as far as I know, not privacy friendly.

  • I fact-checked everything @Bullpen5875 wrote with the privacy policy and TOS and it all holds up.

Keep in mind they also have access to your phonebook data.