Open Source app usage tracker for Android

Hi guys, I recently switched to a Pixel running GrapheneOS and am looking for a screen time tracking app like the Digital Wellbeing found in Stock Android or iOS’s Screen Time feature. I already tried out ActivityWatch which crashed when opening and usagedirect which hasn’t been updated for over a year. Help would be greatly appreciated!

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do you have Droid-ify installed on your phone? If so maybe you can so a search to see if something similar to Digital Wellbeing is available.

I don’t due to security concerns about how F-Droid handles app signing.


Even if you don’t get the apps from there, it is a good search tool to find FOSS apps which you could then download from the Play Store. You could also use the F-Droid website if you don’t want too many apps

Yeah I looked on the website but didn’t find an app…

Ah, in that case it’s quite unlikely there is one unfortunately. Most FOSS apps are on F-Droid so if it isn’t there it likely doesn’t exist.

Not as up2date as it should be, but here you are. Probably does exactly what you’re asking for.

Try Warden, the primary use is to identify known trackers (Exodus Privacy) but, it also has a nice graph on which apps you are using most.

Thanks for those options, I’ll look into them.