Open default links Android 13

Just recently updated CalyxOS 4.2.3 to Android 13. I went to open a link “google play” and I had to set Aurora to default open these links. Settings>Apps>Default Apps>Opening Links>Aurora Store>+ Add links.

I usually leave my default browser not selected so I could make a browser selection on which browser I wanted to use depending on my threat model. I do not see an option in Settings to turn off default apps. I do not see an option in Brave Settings to turn off this as a default browser.

In Settings>Apps>All Apps>Reset all app preferences, you can reset all preferences for: Default applications for actions. This does not clear your default browser and you have to go back and set up link handling for apps like F-droid, Aurora Store etc…

OK, So I can work with Default Application Actions. Brave is not a listed app to set default application actions. Chromium is listed but, no links have been verified to open with Chromium.

All right so lets say I want to set up google maps to open with Tor Browser, nope. No links have been verified. If I choose to link to google maps, it goes to Brave my default browser.

I’m not seeing an easy option to work around this, any suggestions?

I was hoping this would set up some rules so I could have some default actions.

I scrolled through the list of installed apps that handle Opening Links, and noticed Magic Earth, my default navigation app. I opened it up to check it out.
You can add two options. Magicearth.c0m. and, unfortunately links from google.c0m/maps are more common and not included as a verified link to add.