Online shopping Transaction History

A lot of my privacy concerns are related to online shopping and the data that is being collected. Just made a post about how I am managing credit cards.
Creating new accounts has been covered often here is my last effort with PayPal.
The purchase History is really useful for ordering items again and the suggestions are entertaining.
Some purchases I absolutely do not need the history, some transactions I use for income tax deductions so I need those receipts. Emailed receipts have been useful and I intend to work on a work flow to capture these receipts. Compartmentalizing tax deductible transactions to one account and non tax deductible transactions to another account is manageable.
I’m getting off topic again…
Correcting course, just deleting your account will also delete the transaction history and your receipts online. Google has Take Out, well EBay allows you to download a report. EBay gives you 7 days to cancel the Report. The last report time line looked like this.

Request date
Mon. Dec 19, 2022
Completed date
Mon. Dec 26, 2022
Expiration date
Mon. Jan 02, 2023

Well I did not get the report is ready email and with the holidays, I just made another report request. So in 7 days I will follow up. Then hopefully I can get all the data in a usable format.

I created a new Amazon account and with every thing I was trying to set up the account got locked. Amazon transactions are downloadable as well. You can save this data and use it. You do not have to loose it.

I hope to share here more of my experience retrieving online shopping history before deleting accounts and appreciate any experience or suggestions you have to share.


just rotate amazon accounts, use local shops.

The big three for me, in this order is Walmart, Amazon, and then Ebay. Ebay is used more for tax deductible reasons but also infrequent enough to use a one time purchase. Amazon is used more for items unavailable elsewhere and subscription based items cheaper than Walmart. As well I try not to buy everything from Walmart.
Local shops for me is for produce and meat from large chain grocery stores. Not exactly local store with the mom and pop feel you would imagine.
Rotating accounts for me includes mailing items to other mail drops, when I see a data breach of my Alias I plan to change up PII. In two years of orders to one address I have not seen that Alias name in the wild.