One email to rule them all (Recovery email?)

As most of you have used Proton Mail as your Primary email address, your using masked emails to protect your primary account with services such as SimpleLogin.

What are you using for your recovery email address for your primary (proton) account?

Considering digital minimalism have you considered email address you do not use? My example is @ I’m not using it for anything. You might have an apple account, you have to create to set up and apple product.

What threats do you have sharing this email with Proton Mail? What threat do you have receiving an email from Proton mail with this account?

I use the free tier at Tutanota for my recovery.
But now that I have been made aware of SkiffMail by another on this forum I may use their free tier as well for other recovery emails.

I use my Gmail as the recovery email for other email accounts. The recovery email for my Gmail is a family member’s email address. And I also have my phone number as a recovery phone for that account.

This way, I minimize my chances of losing access to my Gmail account, which can be used to recover other accounts I have.

I would be upset with you for hanging on that gmail account but i still hanging on mine. I check in an audit what is still going to that account and maintaining access to stop someone else creating the same account if i deleted it.

Probably not a threat but keeping gmail out of my business.

You could make your Protonmail’s recovery email a family member’s email address, and set a recovery phone for it. So you don’t lose access to Protonmail. Use this email as the recovery email for your other accounts.

I don’t like Tutanota because they don’t allow for a recovery email or recovery phone.

That is exactly what I do as well!

I used it for a while and the interface was really nice and modern but personally I just didn’t like their privacy policy and the fact that they are based in the USA.

Adding a recovery email address to your ProtonMail account allows you to re-gain access to the account, but doesn’t give you access to emails sent/received before you re-gained access. In addition, it reduces ProtonMail’s security to that of the account used for recovery.

The recovery phrase is a better option as it is used to encrypt a copy of your ProtonMail private keys. So you regain access to the account and emails sent/received before recovery. If you’re using a password manager then the main risk is that a password change goes wrong. The recovery phrase covers that risk without introducing any further risks.

Okay, as far I as understand, recovery phrase = account + data, but others things only one thing

Yes, that’s essentially it. There is another option, the recovery file, but that is just your recovery phrase saved as a file.

I didn’t recall I set up a family member with a proton account. Which i have access to…