Old Techlore videos unavailable on PeerTube

Hello! There is a bit of archiving problem with the videos posted on previous instance(s) that Techlore chose, of which I want to inform. Inb4, I don’t want to achieve anything by it, only letting you know for the sake of potential pro-PeerTube users that may be looking for your content.

Exhibit 1: “The MOST PRIVATE Music Streaming Options in 2022 - Peer Video Club”. Everything that was previously posted on trutube.online, now is unavailable in the Vidiverse/Fediverse for watching. When you proceed directly to the instance, it redirects to something else entirely. Result: no can do, go watch on Odysee or YouTube. Again, I have nothing against Odysee in terms of using website or mobile app to watch video and video only (can’t say same about YT), the concern is that it’s just not available on PeerTube and derivative platforms.

I can’t seriously suggest to start republishing all videos from that period, that dissolved along with respective instances, on your now life-long channel of choice on TILvids, because that would just confuse everybody. Instead, maybe publish them on a separate archive channel, that you can create on existing account?

We have never held an account through this instance, so this is just a random uploader impersonating our content. So I really don’t have much to say on that front.

The two instances we used before TILVids were PTIO’s old instance (before the transition to PG), and BitcoinTV.

This is actually an issue of hosting costs. Unlike YouTube & Odysee where everything is free to upload to (pretty much) infinitely, PeerTube has to be hosted. Back when we were on PTIO’s instance our entire channel was synced as we had unlimited storage. On TILVids we are capped on storage & currently using half our quota.

Even on Surveillance Report’s instance, Nate recently made the decision to begin deleting old content to avoid needing to pay significantly more for hosting the content.

Given our videos on PeerTube receive maybe 1% of our total userbase (and that’s optimistic) - it’s just not an expense that would make very much sense for us.


Oh, oops. Thanks for informing.

I see, that’s fair.

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