Old School Internet in the Modern Age

I recently stumbled across the Gopher protocol, which, for the uninformed like myself, is a communication protocol that was popular during the early days of the World Wide Web. This also led to me discovering the Gemini protocol . Both protocols only communicate via plaintext and seem to be a very niche space. I’m wondering what roles these alternative protocols can play in the privacy and security community. Surely there can be some creative uses for self-hosted plain-text sites.

Non, it’s dead tech that didn’t stand the test of time, it was abandoned because HTML is just a better solution.

You are also not going to have much luck reviving FidoNet or dial-up BBS, they died off because the internet was a much better solution.

That’s fair. I guess I should’ve given it a bit more thought outside of a cool hobby project.

My local computer repair shop had a BBS, it was cool at the time. To date it, he was a Compaq warranty repair shop basically out of his garage.