Ok finally i got 2 of most secure os...so which is best?

My pervious question is " Most secure os? " thanks for answering that…

So finally i got 2 of most secure os…
Although it is 3 but you can’t install tails. So which is best for extreme security OPENBSD vs QUBES OS

I would go with QubesOS :

QubesOS uses a virtualization-based approach to security that allows users to compartmentalize their computing activities into separate “domains,” each of which is isolated from the others and has its own security properties. This means that if one domain is compromised, the others remain unaffected.

In addition to its compartmentalization features, QubesOS also includes other security measures such as a secure boot process, a read-only root filesystem, and memory management features designed to protect against buffer overflow attacks and other memory-based attacks.

QubesOS provides a strong level of security that is unmatched by most other operating systems. However, it is worth noting that QubesOS has a steeper learning curve than other operating systems and requires a certain level of technical expertise to set up and configure properly.


I’d argue that QubesOS is the better option IF you set it, and the containers (VMs) up properly. You could even run OpenBSD in a container, if you want. Qubes real drawback is the learning curve.

In contrast, OpenBSD is much better out of the box. It takes advantage of very good sandboxing, and the code base is so more smaller (fewer points of failure/exploitation). The Linux kernel (which Qubes uses) is very heavy, and bloated in comparison. The BSD team really keeps on track of maintenance, and trims what’s no longer needed. In contrast the Linux Kernel is so vast, people have forgotten what certain code blocks even do.

Both are good options, and are meant for different kinds of systems. Same is true for Tails. All of these OS’s I’d use, and feel comfortable recommending (not for the average person, mind you) on different kinds of computers.



Not related to security but OpenBSD have some of the poorest developmental practices. Bad commit messages, does not have a Code of Conduct www.mailarchive.com/misc@openbsd.org/msg167062.html , and most of them are quite unfriendly, which is also the reason they don’t have a public audit yet.

Qubes utilizes a Xen Hypervisor. Source.

My goal here isn’t to create a war between OpenBSD folks and myself. I can only count on the maturity of the users of OpenBSD to act with considerable maturity and attack with reasonable points



Qubes is the most secure.


Agreed Qubes was developed for security, BSD was developed for networking.

My main problem with qubes is that it needs a lot of resources to run, it’s very slow and doesn’t support hardware acceleration.