Offline iOS Music Player

Everyone recommends playing music offline for the best privacy, but what’s a good one for iOS? I’m trying to find one for a friend, but iOS appears to have virtually no good ones compared to the gazillions on Android (what i use). Would like something that’s ad-free with overall decent UX, and like i said only offline. It’s hard to look for one without having iOS so any help would be great!

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VLC media player.

This highly depends on one’s needs, threats and concerns.

I prob would go for Apple Music.
If your friend has an Apple Music subscription, they can download the music and listen to it offline. This is also possible with other subscription-based streaming services, but tech lore points out that Apple Music is the best privacy-friendly subscription based option.
If not, you can “sync” any offline music with the iPhone using Apple Music on macOS or Windows.

sadly, as I forgot to mention, I was specifically told they were avoiding subscription-based stuff like Apple Music, plus it needs to be something that you can load standard mp3 music files off a PC onto the phone and play those files. Unless that’s what you meant by syncing them, but it was my understanding that you had to pay to use the Apple Music app regardless. I may have to just go with VLC like @privdom3 said although the overall UX is far from perfect imo.
I was appalled at the lack of even non-private options that iOS has lol, when like I said android has a gazillion

Yes it is what I meant by “sync”. To sync with music library. Here is what the process like on macOS:

No, you don’t need to pay to use Apple Music App (which was known as iTunes). It is comes with macOS and on iOS by default. Apple Music app can play music without an Apple ID or Apple Music subscription.

Apple Music offer a private, way to play, sync music from different sources (online radio/streams, CDs, local network). I don’t think it makes sense to spend time and energy making a music player from scratch when Apple Music exist. Specially when it supports propriety formats, Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos etc…

I use Flacbox. It’s very feature-rich.

I use the app BookPlayer for few music albums and audiobooks.