Odysee now does tracking?

I don’t know if this is a new development or maybe it’s always been like that, but I noticed that when I use Odysee that my uBlock Origin started showing trackers. Need to read their privacy policy or see if something changed. The tracking doesn’t seem to be as much as on YouTube, but I remember it not being there at all which is part o the appeal of using Odysee for privacy.


It had mandatory telemeter from the get go. Nothing new.

In fact, they used to be using Google Analytics at one point.

Odysee always had mandatory synchronization and telemetry, that’s nothing new. But if you want to continue, you may use the official LBRY desktop client.
But keep in mind that while watching and hosting videos, your IP address is visible to the LBRY network.

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I don’t think anyone uses LBRY and I know it’s good for content creators and all. There are a lot of ways to watch YouTube privately so I guess we can all stick to that.

Honestly I really used to like LBRY and for a time it seemed like our best bet to break up YouTube’s monopoly. Sadly it has all went downhill during the past year, especially after they lost the SEC lawsuit.

But truthfully what has really turned me off are all those far right and antisemitic comments. And the content of the video doesn’t matter, the chances you are going to find a constructive discussion in the comments these days is just next to none.

By the way, I did notice that comments on the Techlore channel on Odysse have been disabled for a while. And I feel it’s probably for the best.


True the right have populated Odysee to an uncomfortable degree it wouldn’t even be that bad if we had other channels to pop up in the recommended. Youtube is so popular it essentially makes every other video streaming site useless the few people that go there are forced to do so because youtube banned their accounts. Anyone who leaves youtube will be at an enormous disadvantage no one will be able to watch their content and their growth will be stunted tremendously.

We can’t have nice things these days, can we?