Odysee - does anyone use it?

Since this post, I have been using it a lot more. Looking to see how many channels I follow are on there and switching to watch their content on Odysee rather than YT.

after reading through this and poking around a little on odysee, i decided not to join.
just seems like since there aren’t as many people posting there as a larger platform, like yt, the crazy posts stick out more, which makes it seem more toxic then it possibly is, but even with the benefit of those doubts, i’m not comfortable putting my hand that close to the fire.


@harvo_marx I can understand your reservations. I used to look at political channels on Odysee but steered away because a lot of it was outrageous.

As a viewer and not a member or content creator, I mostly pick channels related to Finance, Tech and Education. Those channels are really good with no trolls or toxicity.

PeertTube is ok. I got nothing against it. I’m just wondering how long it will take before it too is filled with unwanted and distasteful content.

There will be some element of information you won’t like regardless of where it comes from. Personally I set my own little filters and go from there.