Odysee - does anyone use it?

Techlore uses Odysee. But I was wondering if Odysee is used by anyone within this community ?

I watch most videos on Odysee.


What do you think about it? Is it ok or???

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In short: Yes, Odysee is a good platform. If you’re interested: Odysee Is Still The Best YouTube Alternative (And It's Getting Better!)


Thanks for responding. much appreciated.

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  • I watch a lot of my media on Odysee and it’s one of my favorite platforms, here is why:
LBRY protocol

Odysee runs on top of the LBRY protocol, which is free and open source. It mixes the Torrent protocol with the Bitcoin transaction system.
LBRY is a blockchain that specifically was created to share almost any file types (although it’s mostly used for videos) using technology that is similar to how BitTorrent works. The content is uploaded to the network and then nodes around the world help share the content and keep it online.
Since the blockchain is decentralized, if you upload something to the network, nobody can take it down. What’s really happening is that the data is being sent to cloud servers, and the only information on the actual LBRY blockchain is metadata of where to find the file.

Freedom of expression

The foundations of the LBRY protocol are based on values ​​of freedom of expression. This means that there is no big tech behind it saying what should and what should not be shown to the user.


You don’t need to have a big tech email account or hand over all your preference data and other personal stuff to a central entity just so you can watch your videos whenever and wherever you want. Odysee and LBRY themselves are much less intrusive on the privacy issue than YouTube and its alternatives.

Content moderation

One of the benefits of Odysee is the moderation.
Now, of course I’m a fan of decentralization and the censorship-resistance of the LBRY blockchain, but Odysee ensures you don’t see any NSFW content while you’re browsing at work. Unlike Youtube though, they do not remove extremist videos, or videos that include terribly hateful content, and they do this on purpose in the the name of true decentralization and being censorless.
Odysee is much, much more lax about removing content.
You can check out their guidelines if you want, but one of their big value adds is they won’t remove your video unless it’s terroristic in nature, inciting violence, abuse, or literal torture, so we can’t complain about that.
Think about Odysee as a way to organize all the videos on the LBRY blockchain in a way that doesn’t censor your political views.

Higher revenue shares for creators

YouTube takes an estimated 45% cut and a 30% cut on Channel memberships, Super Chats, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks. Additionally, YouTube also deducts local sales tax and other fees (such as App Store fees on iOS) before calculating this revenue split on Channel memberships, Super Chats, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks.

As a result, creators only get a 55% share of the total ad revenue that’s generated on their videos and some creators have reported that their cut on some of the donations they’ve received via Super Thanks was less than 50%.

Odysee takes just a 5% cut on cash tips and donations. Payment processor fees (which are usually around 3%) may also apply. This means creators get to keep over 90% of the cash tips and donations they receive.

For cryptocurrency tips and donations, Odysee doesn’t take a cut and creators can keep 100% of the cryptocurrency they receive.

Creators also receive cryptocurrency rewards every time a validated viewer watches their videos and for various other actions on the platform. Odysee doesn’t take a cut of any cryptocurrency rewards which means creators keep everything they earn via these rewards.

Built-in censorship resistance

Many creators that have been banned by YouTube now post their videos to Odysee. Even those who still have their YouTube channels often post exclusive content to Odysee. And since Odysee allows creators to discuss a much wider range of topics than YouTube, Odysee has lots of exclusive videos on topics that are banned by YouTube.


A lot of content creators on youtube get upset because of all the censorship. I wonder why they just don’t switch over to Odysee.

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I think the LBRY protocol is neat, but Odysee is not terribly privacy-friendly (source: LBRY -- Terms of Service; Didn't Read). It’s certainly a better alternative to YouTube and is also helpful in breaking YouTube’s monopoly, but using a privacy-preserving frontend like Librarian (librarian/librarian: An alternative frontend for LBRY/Odysee. - librarian - Codeberg.org) is probably still a good idea.


I use it as much as I can, however, I use NewPipe on my phone which is a wonderful little app, but motivates me to use YT.


Or the FOSS build of the Odysee app (on Fdroid). This is different form the Play Store version.


Yes. I use it to watch content and also for my channel :slight_smile:

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It’s got good design, and a year ago it seemed like a pretty good alternative to YouTube, but since then it’s been flooded by insane conspiracy stuff, and any hopes of it competing with YouTube are long gone. Most creators just use it as a mirror for their YouTube content and avoid the site entirely since the comments and community are so vile.

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@alula Maybe you could tell me what channels contain vile comments. Until now I’ve seen viewers leave normal and respectful messages.

Interesting, if it is assuming consent from usage, I understand that to be in breach of the British data protection act 2018 (the British implementation of GDPR). And it is defiantly not compatible with advice from the ICO

Disclaimer (Not a lawyer, also not legal advice).

I won’t say it is flooded, but there is a lot of it available. Some of it less insane than others. It does not make any sense to say- “conspiracy theory bad” and go ahead with indiscriminate censorship. There are bad comments, but there is a good one for every bad one in my opinion. Conspiracy theory is one of the hardest things to moderate, as the line between “insane but true” and “insane- has to be nonsense” gets blurred. Not saying that conspiracy theory cannot be harmful, but I don’t think banning is an option, as it is very risky. I have put my hope in social learning fixing this problem over-time.
If you want to see what a platform truly flooded with conspiracy content looks like, go to BitChute.

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I have seen some sketchy things be posted in Odysee comments as well, but I don’t think it’s too different from what you might see on YouTube. Due to the demographic that is using Odysee, you got a sharp lean in a certain way of thinking. If you deviate from that too much, you get trashed. Now, should you be able to say what you think? Sure. Are the comments getting left pleasant? Not to me at least. And when it’s such a high volume and Odysee is not the core of your business as a creator, it can become easier to ignore Odysee entirely and just let the mirroring feature do its thing, which leads to even less moderation in the comments section.

Here are three Techlore videos that kind of represent what I think is the average comment when you post something that the typical Odysee commenter could disagree with:

They can say that, but it’s not exactly a place I want to hang out, lol.

That being said, Odysee as a platform is great and I don’t think you will always run into this. Like with YouTube, just ignore the comments section and you will have a wildly better experience with the platform. If you’re into privacy and Linux content it’s likely that those creators are also on there and it’s cool to be able to support them there instead of just on YouTube. And the more Odysee grows, the more their comments will become more moderate which will be nice.

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I have to agree with @ralphcrew . He made somre really good points. A long time ago I took public transportation and listened to people who I thought weren’t all put together.
They talked about, what I thought at the time, were conspiracy theories. But now I think back and with reluctance accept their views. They talked about technology, military, the intent to impoverish communities etc. So @ralphcrew yeah there is or was some truth in their insanity.

I don’t entirely agree with @InternetGhost but for the most part I do. Keep in mind I would never disrespect what he has to say concerning Odysee. People in general need to learn how to argue and counter argue without putting each other down. Somehow society needs to learn how to listen to and respect people’s opinion. I think that’s the reason why politics are so messed up. It seems as if no one can find middle ground. I won’t go further on politics because it’s a can of worms I’m not willing to open.

On a lighter note I’m glad @InternetGhost replied and pointed out his points of view. And yes I do learn from and respect what he has to say.

Odysee may not have 100% user privacy and it has people who post not so respectful comments. But in the least it will allow for people to post videos and commentary without censorship. You can’t say the same for YouTube. That I KNOW is a fact. If you don’t agree with me that’s ok. But at least tell me why.

@InternetGhost and @ralphcrew thank you both for sharing your valued thoughts.

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We mostly stopped giving attention to Odysee - everything is auto-synced. Any time I check on things it’s just a hateful place, which is a bummer because it didn’t used to be quite as bad. The reality is a lot of these ‘free speech’ platforms don’t end up being very healthy places for finding middle-grounds & bridges. People seem to severely misunderstand the concept of free speech and think that they can say/do anything they want without consequences. We can moderate comments there, but how do you expect the “free speech” platform will respond to us exercising our own right to decide how we want to moderate our own videos? (Spoiler: not well)

It’s getting to the point where I’m second-guessing if our content being on their platform is actually a harmful association for the privacy/security community, especially in light of some recent advancements.

Our content is not conspiracy content and everything we do is grounded in evidence-based approaches, which the privacy community itself doesn’t like sometimes, because we don’t just blindly assume everything is compromised by default without looking into the nuance of the situation and how it impacts different threat models. If us being on Odysee brands our content or the concepts we discuss poorly, I will be seriously considering removing it and only sticking with YouTube & PeerTube going forward.


Jeeesh,… Techlore created something nice. What are the thanks they get? Trolls showing up to ruin it all.

no as often as i should… I only remember to use it when the video on Youtube start with “please follow me on Odysee”