Objective-See ( creator of LuLu for macOS ) - Any Thoughts On Their Other Applications?

In the macOS hardening video, the firewall application LuLu by Objective-See was recommended, however to my knowledge there has been no mention of the other FOSS security applications from Objective-See. Some of these applications seem quite useful for further macOS hardening, such as a general keylogger detector (ReiKey), persistent malware detector (BlockBlock), and an application that detects whenever the mic and camera are used and names the culprit (OverSight), among others.

These all seem like nice additions, especially for those like myself who do not use an antivirus for privacy reasons and would like a bit more protection. Is there any reason why these aren’t recommended? I see no reason not to use these applications if LuLu is already being used, as you get increased security without the detriment of having to place trust in a new party. For these reasons, I’d like to suggest maybe adding something about these applications to the description / pinned comment in the macOS hardening video, assuming the applications actually provide worthwhile security improvements.

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Their suite deserves a lot more time & attention than we had available in the video. It’s good stuff, and I use almost all of it myself :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s something we want to more thoroughly cover in a dedicated video someday. I’ll look into seeing a way to integrate it into the older video, though honestly it may be worth just waiting for the next version of the video which will likely be due soon.


Ah I see, that’s good to hear! I look forward to the videos if you decide to make them

Just taken a look at those apps, they look great! Will be installing on my mac soon!