Note taking with this community

First of all thank you to everyone for being a sounding board. It is easy to go down a rabbit hole in privacy and security. Working outside of your threat model is easy to do. I often see myself and others working through some task and in reflection I ask why? Just because you can should you, do you need to.
Back to my topic, I am using AmpleNote. When I have a task I need to work on I create it in AmpleNote nestled in a Note.
Here is a screen shot

And a link to the conversation. Techlore

My preferences are related to MarkDown, online collaboration within just one Note. Task creation, with priority and calendar view. I review my notes as well to define is this what makes me happy. Is this what I want to spend a volume of my time doing.
I often copy a link to a video in a note and create a task. This forces me to consider why did I watch this video and what action will I take. Even my entertainment leads back to is this something I could consider as a hobby. (I secretly like watching SerpaDesign build aquarium and terrariums).
Any suggestions for a better work flow, software, opinions.
Another core to my system is a modified Bullet Journaling process. Specifically my task get moved into a EDC pocket notebook. The task that keep getting pushed off into the future. Not important.
I try to use AmpleNotes to create my post before I post them here for quality and to not free flow write as I did here.