Non-Software Privacy Tools

Check Reflectacles above.

balaclava if you’re in a cold country
prepaid credit card if you’re in the US
fake ID (illegal)
amazon lockers if you’re in a country which has them

  • privacy screens (can help to protect against shoulder attacks)

    • privacy screens + curtains (can help to reduce visibility of patio doors, windows, glass showers)

    • tint (can help to reduce visibility of vehicle interiors)

  • portable locks (can prevent most doors, even those without locking mechanisms, from opening)

    • automatic deadbolts (can help to protect against lock picking and bump keys)

    • Kensington locks (can help to prevent hardware theft when in public places)

  • safes (can help to prevent unwanted access to valuables, contraband, documents)

    • diversion safes (can help to hide valuables, contraband, documents, etc. in plain sight)
  • clothes/other (can obscure identifiable markers such as tattoos, scars, defects)

    • face masks (masks faces)

    • sunglasses (can help to prevent the tracking of eye movement)

  • lighters (can aid in the disposal of outdated or unwanted personal documents)

  • crosscut shredders (can aid in the disposal of outdated or unwanted personal documents)

  • black markers (can aid in the redaction of personal information on physical documents)

  • USB Data Blockers (can help to protect against juice jacking attacks)

  • acoustic tiles (can help to create a “soundproofing” effect)

  • planner + alarm clock (can help to avoid the collection of personal data from habit tracking software)

  • cash/gift cards (can help to avoid financial tracking from both mobile and brick and mortar banks)

  • P.O. Boxes (can help to separate important correspondence from junk mail, as well as reduce PII exposure)

  • safety deposit boxes (can act as an alternate place of storage for valuables, contraband, documents)

Items in bold are personal favorites. Needless to say, this list is incomplete and use of the tools on it are entirely dependent on one’s threat model.

I’m unsure as to whether USB Data Blockers work here. If not, consider it an honorable mention.