Non-Software Privacy Tools

I would like this topic to contain suggestions for privacy and security tools that are NOT software.
Such as:
-Web Cam covers
-privacy screens
-diversion safes
-horribly repulsive body odor
Thanks for the help.


Will link this:


Faraday bags…interesting…

Why is this required again?

I don’t use faraday bag, but I should probably at least own one…

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Just a failed attempt at a joke.

I got a Mighty Wallet and made it RFID proof:

Cool. I’ll check it out.

I like products by Mic-Lock. I find their “Hidden Device Detector” (a RF Signal detector tuned to most cell and WiFi frequencies) pretty helpful.

As other mentioned.

Faraday begs. And anti FR like reflecticles

also i would recomend take your activities offline as much as possible. I bought an mp3 player for music and i am still buying DVDs so i can enjoy my entertainment offline i also i Stick to DRM Free games as much as possible also (again bo need to internet connection)

Now i only log in to the inrernet when i do something that requires it

Another Change and this is a big one. Change your lifestyle in a way that will allow to spend minimum time possibe arround tech. Examples: Read books (physical ones) learn how to play an instrument. Go outside Just make hobbys that dont require tech.

Your privacy will thank you and so will your mental well being.

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I don’t know if its exactly what you’re asking about, but I’d recommend avoiding IME and PSP (et al.) processors. Less likely to have backdoors and other vulnerabilities.

horribly repulsive body odor


Also probably not what you’re looking for, but if you’re looking homeless no one is looking. I’ve walked right by close friends without them identifying me because they were hellbent on not making eye contact with the apparently crazy guy. All I had to do was wrap myself up in a tarp. Its kind of funny how easy it is to hide in plain site when you know what sorts of things people are deliberately blind to. Kind of like Rorsarch using his face as a mask in Watchmen.

Tools are useless if they’re not fixing something. What specific privacy issues outside of software do you want to address? Let’s first identify things we want to deal with, then find the tools.

Personally, I’m always interested in evading facial recognition, and that would typically be a non-software solution. The first line of defense would be avoidance. So that means changing your own behavior and increasing awareness. Beyond that, there have been lots of creative attempts such as face painting and lights. I’d just rather not have to do that, though. What else?

We can mention financial surveillance and actions to reduce it, for example, as much as possible to use cash instead of paying by card, as well as cryptocurrencies such as Monero.