Njalla - is it good?

I have came across Njalla - njal.la (a privacy-aware domain registrar), and wanted to know whether it is good for privacy.

It has many great points;

  1. They are not actually a ‘registrar’ they are more of a middleman and they register the domain for you but, you have full rights and control over your domain and can transfer it at a moments notice.
  2. Only an email is required to sign-up.
  3. They accept Cryptocurrencies, including Monero.
  4. They have a good track record.

There are some negatives though;

  1. They are quite expensive but in return you get enhanced privacy.
  2. They have no ‘formal’ Privacy Policy, they simply state that they are permitted/required to collect information in their TOS and that all they collect is your email.

In summary, I think it looks good but I want to know what everyone else thinks.

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I have domains with the DNS hosted by njalla, I have been happy with it.

You basically get full control of the bind9 config, and they allow you to make glue records if you want your own DNS server to handle the DNS.

They are slightly more expensive, but I think it’s worth the price.

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Please note that technically you give up your domain ownership to them.

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In their terms, they state;

‘However, 1337’s position is that of a middleman and 1337 shall not have actual ownership of the domain name in relation to you. Such ownership shall vest in you from date of registration of the domain name. You may however at any time request that the registration of the domain name is transferred to you formally meaning that you will be registered as the owner of the domain name with the registry operator in question. A precondition of the transfer is, however, that you agree in writing to be bound by any agreements and terms to which 1337 is bound as a registrant of the domain name.’

So yes, they do technically have ownership of the domain but they are a reputable company (from what I can see) and if you no longer trust them you can just transfer your domain away.