NextDNS privacy concerns

Why is NextDNS a safe service to use? How do we know they don’t log my DNS requests and send those to third parties/advertisers? Tell me about the privacy of NextDNS.

I want to use NextDNS to block trackers on Android apps.


If you want to know if this service is safe, you must look at 3 things

  1. Are they a reputable service?
  2. Have they got into a controversy regarding DNS request collection?
  3. What features they have to protect their users?
    (bonus) 4. Do they have security features? (2fa, hardware 2fa, etc.)

Now after you answer those questions, you must think to yourself. Is this ok enough for my threat model? Cause remember, you have to depend on your threat model.

if its a yes, then use it.
if its a no, then don’t use it. Simple.

As far as i know, there is no way to know for sure if any internet service doesn’t log your traffic. Except to somehow regularly issue a legal ordered raid by law enforcement into all their servers for a thorough review.

But if your goal is to block app trackers on Android, you might want to look at TrackerControl, an open source F-Droid app that does exactly that, locally on your device. Though it requires the VPN slot, so you won’t be able to use a VPN with it, BUT it has an ability to connect to a SOCKS5 proxy, which can be a workaround if you want to encrypt all your traffic as with a VPN with no encryption, sadly.

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Also worth asking.

  1. What is their business model.
  2. Are they a non-profit?
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I think I’m only going to use NextDNS on my smartphone to block app trackers. On my PC, I used Windows Spy Blocker to block Microsoft Telemetry data IP Addresses, would NextDNS block any additional trackers or is that enough?

Do you use the App or the blocklist of WSB? For me, WSB, whether it is the blocklist or the app is useless since it has been updated a year ago and is now outdated if not discontinued I would recommend using a traditional blocklist like OISD or HaGeZi.

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My only answer to this is probably yes, its a firewall the same as windows spy blocker blocks windows telemetry ip addresses via Firewall.

NextDNS has been around for some time with a good reputation. They have not gotten into any scandals I am aware of (other than not being super responsive on their forums…). Their business model is to have paying customers both retail and businesses. Their business model is not to sell data but to sell services.

I use and trust NextDNS. But it is ok if you don’t. Even if there is no evidence of bad behavior there is no reason to use a service that just makes you feel uncomfortable.

socks5 is not encrypted…

Oh, sure, my bad. In this case, another proxy locally on device or in local network is required. I confused Shadowsocks with SOCKS5.

If you want your DNS to be really anonymous, tunnel NextDNS DoT/DoH through a VPN. NextDNS will see the DoT/DoH queries from the VPN IP address, your VPN service will see encrypted DNS traffic to NextDNS. Refer to the picture here: What is the best DNS for privacy? – pcWRT.

Of course, sign up for your NextDNS account through a VPN too.


for trackers you can just use:

duckduckgo on Android

settings on iOS (portmaster) on windows and linux

and for mac if anyone knows, let me know.

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Welcome @sjay and thanks for the link.