NextDNS - Blocked Domains


Hi guys.

As you can see in the picture, there are some domains that are being blocked all the time. The phone seems to be working fine and I’m not experiencing any issues with it.

My question is whether it’s smart or dumb to block these domains?

Thanks in advance.

They look like tracking/advertising domains. If you click on them in the log NextDNS should give a summary of what they are and what rule blocked them.

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It is smart since they are tracking/advertising domains like @Quantum said. It looks like these are domains from OnePlus/Oppo. Am I right on that point?

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

Yes, I use a OnePlus phone that is not logged in to any Google account, and I have deleted all the apps I don’t use, and have made the phone more “private” in the settings. 80% of the apps I have are from F-Droid, and the rest from Aurora Store.

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You can annihilate this tracking by flashing a Custom ROM but that requires technical knowledge so proceed with caution. For OnePlus phones, there’s DivestOS and LineageOS.

Yeah i know, but my plans i to get another phone for that. But thx anyway :wink:

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