News and Information - Where do you get it?

Where do users in this community get their news and information? It can be related to tech, software, operating systems, hardware etc… Do you have a favorite or are there multiple sources?

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There is a channel on YouTube called TLDR News, they have seperate channels for the EU, US, etc. Great content. For tech, I listen to Surveilance Report, MKBHD’s WaveForm and watch The Linux Experiment

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Mostly from

Basically a site that collects news from other sites. Then some RSS feeds for not security focused stuff. Also some matrix channels.

Here is a collection of news from my RSS feed.

The Hacker News

Dark Reading

Huntington Privacy Blog


We Live Security


Schneider on Security



Internet Privacy



Bleeping Computer

Bit defender

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Love Nick from the Linux Experiment.
Especially when he says bottles lol

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thanks @privacy_parrot I’m going to take a look at those links. much appreciated.

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Glad I could help my friend :grin:

Technology and digital privacy/security

And other sites already mentioned.

General news

Those are my go-tos right now.

thanks @InternetGhost I’m going to have a look at these. thank you!

+1 for Nick from The Linux Experiment I also like:

  1. Naomi Brockwell
  2. Side Of Burritos
  3. Mental Outlaw