New privacy phone os

Everyons thoughts

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I’m immediately skeptical that this will be a good idea. Keeping the devices and software maintained and up to date is no small feat, and a startup might not have what it takes.

I believe it’s a better idea to grab a Google Pixel and install graphene OS on it.


As @Arken said with stuff like security and privacy is best to stick to well maintained proven solutions. Also, always remember that there is no privacy without security. And frequent security updates is the most important thing to make sure your device is secure. Sadly the vast majority of projects fall short on that.


yeh i have pixel 7 pro no has been able to identy the carrier and if oem unlockable if can help pm i want know if unlockable or not

I’m just copy pasting from the official GrapheneOS docs,

Enable the developer options menu by going to Settings ➔ About phone and repeatedly pressing the build number menu entry until developer mode is enabled.

Next, go to Settings ➔ System ➔ Developer options and toggle on the ‘OEM unlocking’ setting. On device model variants (SKUs) which support being sold as locked devices by carriers, enabling ‘OEM unlocking’ requires internet access so that the stock OS can check if the device was sold as locked by a carrier.

If you are unable to do that then it means your phone is carrier locked which means you’re most likely out of luck.

got it so seller lied said it was carrier unlocked trying waste return time by saying givie week connected to internet

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Yes, that is correct. If they said the phone was unlocked then they straight out lied.

To add some conext for anyone else who might be reading this. @privacy4me DMed me a photo of their phone were the ‘OEM unlocking’ setting was greyed out.

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Make sure the device is fully updated too, it was greyed out for me on an old version of Android.

it is got android 13

You should never take a seller’s word at face value unless they have a policy that clearly indicates returns are accepted during a grace period, regardless of the reason.

Plus, there are certain ways to check if a phone is carrier unlocked or not. The presence of any carrier specific bloatware is an indication (sometimes) that the phone is locked. Then you have regional or county wide regulations, for example in Canada all phones sold from 2018 on have to be carrier unlocked by law.

thats for help everyone …Gazelle was seller be cautious dont mind card company took it off my bill they fixed it to match the advertisement lol in mean time burn up phone doing paid to earn games lol after burn through all games send it back

I got graphic os installed using web installer any recommend apps beside the default let me know