New Main browser after Arkenfox? (For accounts, not general browsing)

I just saw the latest video on Mullvad browser and learned that Arkenfox is in its way out. So far I used an Hardened firefox (using Arkenfox) as a main browser where I log in into accounts and all that. I used the user-overrides to weaken it a bit. This is my lowest thread-model browser, but I still whant to limit what data they collect as much as possible.

Brave would be the ideal option. In fact I used brave before switching to firefox. The main reason I don’t wan’t to use brave (or anything chromium based) is because I don’t have much ram and I really like using many tabs.

I’ve also looked into librewolf is because I really like my dark-mode and librewolf has RPF.

Also syncing bookmarks between Desktop and android would be nice. But is not a necesity. If anyone knows a browser that seem like a good fit I would love some recomendations.

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For a browser that you use for logging in to accounts associated with your real name (e.g. banking) trying to achieve anonymity doesn’t make a lot of sense. So, I’d say you are correct in your assessments that the MB is not the ideal choice for that as it is basically Tor without the Tor network.

So based on this fact, attempting to blend in by trying to match your fingerprint to that of everybody else is simply a waste of time. However, that doesn’t mean things like blocking trackers, third-party cookies and other privacy enhancing techniques are useless.

In my opinion all you need is a reasonably private browser that also provides you with good enough security. Personally I just stick to good old Firefox on the desktop with Ublock Origin and Vanadium on mobile. Which is the stock GrapheneOS browser.

Vanadium doesn’t provide a way to import/export bookmarks let alone sync them, so I just try to not make use of bookmarks on it and instead rely to Joplin where I can keep a Markdown file with all of my bookmarks that I can sync between my devices with E2EE. It is not ideal, but there isn’t a whole lot I can do at this point.

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I don’t think Arkenfox is going away anytime soon, even though Henry said that for some reason in the video. This is a direct quote of what the maker of the Arkenfox project has said about this: “long term I am hoping we can retire arkenfox (I can’t speak for LW) and just use MB - but they’re just a little too divergent for now.”