New download manager

Been looking for a new download manager as the browser’s built-in one is just not cutting it off for me anymore for longer downloads.
I have been using Motrix for some time however it’s a little inconvenient and I’m curious to learn about other options out there.
Would love to see what you people use !

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I’m probably just ignorant for not seeing it but what’s the point of an download manager?

No It’s a good question because honestly It’s not really that important.

My browser is lagging because I have way too many open links that I am working on, using a download manager I can shift the download burden to another program so that I can keep working in my browser lag-free.
Plus I have found that the resume download function works way better in download managers then in browsers as the browser one just stops downloading very randomly.
This might be because of personal experience.
PS: I use Firefox

It stabilizes the download, while some Download Managers may focus all the bandwidth on the Download so the file will be downloading faster, most of them have the ability to pause and resume the download, and it also depends on the url link and the type of file you are trying to download, some are resumable some are not.

It helps a lot if you have problems downloading files larger than 70 to 100 MB and the connection you are using is poor. Well, it depends on the country you live in, and the Internet Providers.

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