New Community Guideline

I have just introduced a new community guideline to our rules. Hopefully it’s pretty self-explanatory what it means and why it’s being introduced. The goal is to avoid situations where services enter our forum just to post threads and content designed to elevate themselves above competitors. I want this to remain a community-first playground.

We ask people to disclose conflicts of interest in relevant discussions. For example, if you develop a messenger and enter a thread discussing another messenger, we ask you to clearly disclose your conflict of interest to the community for transparency. We also discourage our platform being used by services to critique a direct competitor. For example, if you manage a VPN service, it is discouraged for you to open a thread criticizing another VPN provider. We want to avoid our platform being abused by services for self-gain, and we feel these criticisms should come from the community—not a direct competitor. If a service wants to criticize a competitor, it can always be done away from our platform.


I’m kind of safe I guess, given how niche my offerings are, or am I not? :thinking:
(Not that I’m gonna blatantly spam about them and I’m not gonna either talk down others in such threads, corpo-“wars” are already cringy enough)

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Everyone’s safe! We have several people here who develop services. You just can’t be using the forum as an avenue to trash competitors and sell yourself pretty much :stuck_out_tongue:

That is all.

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There has to be a line between constructive criticism and just trashing a competitor. The first one is fine.

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No, both of those cases are discouraged under this new rule. If you develop an encrypted calendar app for example, you should not open or join a thread providing even constructive criticism of Proton Calendar.

This only applies to developers (or other employees/creators of privacy projects). If you don’t work on a privacy tool yourself, this rule doesn’t apply.

Gratefully observed. Thank you for the evolving guideline rules clarification Henry. I’m really glad this came up! I actually am being considered for second interview for retainer, by a very well known, 10 year established, rather strongly respected service, in the rising cyber privacy industry.

If it were to move forward, and I accepted, I actually had thought I would be better to reach out to Jonah or you to visit about the following. Like, if or how would I change my user profile (if at all, and I would think its best not) to reflect that retainer or how I would best speak/write in the forum in accordance with Techlore rules going forward, in order to not provoke against the true spirit of Techlore mission, but rather advance it, etc. But that bridge is not here now. Its hypothetical at this time. No need to exercise futility. My instinct tells me, plus my opsec compartmentalization that I’ve learned over the years, that “if there’s no data, there’s no privacy need”… or “the best way to have privacy, is not create an undue need for it”…

However, in observant respect for Techlore, and the debt of gratitude I personally have for being mentored out of my prior degree of a rather nasty privacy comprised life since 2020. As well as the ethic and service of folks like Henry and the Techlore community (as well as my witnessing all the dynamics unfold into its current form): I, for one, carry that kind of respect as to “where i came from” on my privacy journey.

Not flattery here, nor a “good ol boy” ism. No. Or a phony guise of pay it forwardism lip service w/ a snarky doublespoke: “don’t be evil” retired moniker intent waitin to infiltrate, mutize, commandeer, etc. No. This is just the way my respects have ended up happening. Besides, its my estimations, in most probable scenarios from the way I’ve grown and learn to enjoy Techlore’s forum transitions, that any tactics of mutineers, infiltrators, disinformers, honey potters… would likely just end up contributing further to advancing privacy evolutions , if not merely by thier own example they would make out of themselves … just my observable 2 cents…

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