Networking issues

I have a windows 10 desktop computer. It’s connected directly via cable ethernet cable. I checked the cable is plugged into the PC and the router but I keep getting the same problem in my fire fox browser. “We’re having a trouble finding the site”

I’ve turned off port master just to see. I also, tried changed my DNS from next DNS to Cloudflare that didn’t work inside the browser. Also tried ISP DNS.

I tried on my windows computer using the ISP default DNS, ISPDN Also, try cloudflare and next DNS.

But my is working Wi-Fi on my iPhone is connected to the internet as we speak.

I honestly don’t know what’s going on.

Update I got it fixed going to command prompt I typed an IP config/released and I realized I didn’t have an IPv4 address or ISP address with my ISP. Wasn’t showing domain address.

Then I went to IP config/ipnew (I think) I don’t fully remember right now.