Need help with Fedora Cinnamon

Hello! I am very new to Linux. I loved Linux mint cinnamon because it has very similar look as windows especially the desktop icons and menu bar at bottom. But I recently tried fedora cinnamon. I would say Linux mint is actually polished experience, update manager, flatpak support and all. But I don’t find it very easy on fedora cinnamon, at least not yet. I am struggling to find flatpak, which I guess is not supported on fedora cinnamon? It has dnfdragora for installing, removing updating packages, which is a bit complicated for me. I tried to install flatpak using terminal but it only works in terminal there’s no GUI for it. So I ask for help for flatpak, and are there other things I should know for fedora cinnamon?

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Flatpak is supported just fine on Fedora. I think the GUI you are talking about is the Gnome Software Center, which isn’t just for Flatpak. It will work just fine with Cinnamon, its functionality is not dependent on the DE you are running.
sudo dnf install gnome-software


Okay thanks for help! It works perfect! I actually tried to install gnome-software-plugin :sweat_smile: but it showed error. This was only thing preventing me to switch to fedora cinnamon. But now I am happy with it.

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Does it mean I can use any software manager regardless of which DE i use?? And what would be the downsides if I choose KDE plasma’s software manage or Linux mint’s software manager? Gnome software is simple and minimalistic design, but I can’t get dark mode turned on. The whole system theme is dark mode but Gnome Software has light mode and I can’t figure out how to change, I tried my best to look into all settings. I installed bleachbit from there, it has same theme issue even the dark mode is turned on in the preference of bleachbit. But Brave is working totally fine with automatically dark mode turned on.

To enable dark mode in gnome software type this in terminal:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface color-scheme 'prefer-dark'

This should make it prefer the dark theme over light theme.

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It worked as well. Is there any way to make bleachbit to prefer dark mode forcefully?? I turned the option of dakmode from its preference but its still not working!

And issue with dnfdragora was, the window resizing!! there were actually buttons of apply, cancel and blah blah but the window was exceeding the screen size and there was no option to resize it. I found some work arounds like using --qt rather than gtk version, but all beyond my understanding :sweat_smile: Finally I deleted dnfdragora and dnfdragora-updater and now using only Gnome software. I hope its fine without “updater”

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dnfdragora has always been pretty broken for me, not sure why they ship it with every Fedora desktop spin when almost every desktop has its own software center anyways. Glad you were able to get it working with Gnome software.


I am not sure about bleachbit as I haven’t used it, just double check your theme settings in your settings and make sure it’s set to dark :person_shrugging:

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Yeah I double cross checked with all theme settings, everything is in dark mode. The theme toggle in bleachbit settings is not working at all. I figured out, bleachbit has theme issues in general in cinnamon (tho it was perfectly fine for me on Linux mint and I installed direct version from terminal rather than flatpak version at that time). I tried the solution provided in issue on github but its not working for me (change to Adwaita, which is already my default theme)

Anyways, I can live with the light mode. I use bleachbit once in awhile so its fine for me.

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Hello again! Almost everything is working great now. Except protonVPN because I already use NextDNS. I still need help about firewall. gufw is not available in Gnome software (or fedora repos). firewalld is built-in firewall. And its complicated for me, I know nothing about ports, rules or blah blah. Even its not that easy to learn that from scratch. Anyway, has anyone the suggestions for a good configuration for a general user?@ThiccRaiden @radiance111 @alula

I use my router to configure a firewall, so my knowledge here is a little limited, but I think Safing Portmaster might be the easiest way to set this up? It has a pretty simple GUI and I think it configures some stuff on its own as well, so I would start there.

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