Need help hiding my ip using Tor

Iam using an app called Invizible pro which allows me to hide my ip using Tor although Tor is not allowed in my country but iam using bridges, Now i found out some apps that iam using unfortunately like Google Meet are unfortunately not working and the app allows me to exclude some apps from connecting through tor, I don’t have problem with that if it will be the only option to make it work well, But how to minimize the number of apps tracking my ip?

1 - Iam using Samsung phone with no support for Linage OS or any other privacy respected OS.

2 - I want to hide my ip from as most as possible apps but apps like Facebook may ban me if they recognise any changing in my ip for example🙁.

3 - Social media is so important for my job and for me so i can’t delete those apps unfortunately and my work profile is crowded with apps iam testing and some unsafe apps so no hope to add any important accounts there😅.

Hope you will me and thanks for reading😇.


If your goal is just to hide your IP then just use an always on VPN. A VPN is much less likely to cause your social media accounts to get flagged compared to tor.

If at any point you connected to a social media account like Facebook without using a VPN or tor they already have your real IP. So, there is not much point trying to hide it now, unless you create a brand new account.

If you absolutely have to use Facebook over tor for whatever reason. Then use the tor browser and connect using the onion address facebookwkhpilnemxj7asaniu7vnjjbiltxjqhye3mhbshg7kx5tfyd.onion. Doing so will ensure that Facebook doesn’t try to block your connection because they detected it’s coming from a tor exit node.

All the information provided assumes your threat model is just about hiding your IP address based on the information that you provided. Just be aware that simply hiding your IP address from the website you’re visiting isn’t going to do much about your privacy. And signing in to a social media account that already has your data using tor usually defeats that whole point.