Need Google Account

So I’m trying to take some lessons online, and the teacher only uses google classroom. Considering she is the best for what I am looking for, what would be the best way to go about setting up and using an account for this purpose?

Use a temporary email or alias to set up and/or verify the account with Google.

Leave out as much information as you possibly can during the setup process, using false information for the fields you cannot leave empty.

Depending on your threat model, I would also consider using a VPN before navigating to any Google websites or apps (Classroom).

Alternatively, you could express your privacy concerns to this teacher and see if she might consider recording/transcribing her lessons either on a privacy respecting platform or creating digital copies for your own personal use.

additionally to the post of @nsmnc only use the google account in a separate browser that you only use for that account. you can also apply hardening to give out less information about your os, time zone etc. to google. only use that browser and that account for the things you have to be logged in.

i wrote a similar post about a related topic:

Make a google account for this purpose and only this purpose. Consider doing it from android as you don’t need a phone number if you do it this way.

These are my notes how to get an anonymous Google account:

  1. Create Google account without phone number (worked for me when I chose “work or business account”)

  2. Get an old unused iPhone/iPad, remove SIM card, flight mode on, enable Wifi and VPN. Install the Gmail app and log in to your account.

  3. Now that you have logged in on the Gmail app, log in to your Google account in a private browser window and set up the device verification thing in the Google security settings.

  4. Now you can set up 2-factor authenticiation (2FA) via TOTP in the Google account security settings. You shouldn’t use Google Authenticator for that obviously. Use something open source like Aegis or Tofu.

  5. Back on the iPhone Gmail app, log out of Google, delete the Gmail app, then back in the browser delete the device in the Google account settings.

Now you have a Google account with TOTP 2FA - meaning they won’t ask for your number in the future for “security” reasons.

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