My slow process of editing and deleting accounts

Using a KeePassDX for a password manager the history of an entry shows that I created a Pandora password entry in December of 2020. I have had the account since the mid to early 2000’s…This account was tied to a Gmail account which I am slowly deleting accounts associated. I mention these time stamps because for me this takes time and if you are taking a long time well your not the only one.

How I go about changing and deleting these accounts is a process.

Using a Google phone, I call this any phone still connected to Google. In this case it is a Samsung S7 and do you forget how small and light these phones were. This phone is locked where I can not install a custom ROM such as LineageOS. The app which I use to block apps access to the internet is NetGuard. Occasionally I connect to a public Wi-Fi and check my Gmail to evaluate the mail. Subscriptions that need to be deleted and any mail that leads me to a forgotten account.

Today I connected the Google phone via Wi-Fi to my “Daily Driver” cell phones hot spot. I have mentioned this phones specs, a Pixel 6 Pro running CalyxOS Android 13, utilizing ProtonVPN and Orbot on a contract Verizon service. The Google phone is connected to a Desktop running scrcpy, for a desktop experience. With NetGuard locking the phone down I used Brave Browser to access Pandora and logged in using the password that is many years old. Sure enough the password was good. Now I know it has been almost five years since I actually played music on this account, just from recollection. My Facebook account was deactivated by Facebook, almost 4 years ago maybe… Sure enough at one time my Pandora Account Profile had my Facebook profile name in the Profile. The Profile was set to private BTW. I was curious what would happen if I tried to connect to the Facebook account. The website refreshed and my Profile Initial changed from the Facebook name to the first letter of the email address. Now I had an option to connect to Facebook instead of the old profile. Wondering now as I edit this should I create a new Facebook account every time I find a linked account.

I proceeded to edit all profile information. Changed the Birth Year, Zip Code password and email address. Logged out and Logged back in. This is the one instance where I use Brave Password manager. It just helps if I make a careless mistake or if I need to sign out and in multiple times for verification. With Auto Save On I accept the save new saved password make my changes and then use the saved password to log on. This of course fails. Then using the new credentials I log back in to delete the account. Never did I have to verify the change of email address or verify anything except the old password when changing the password. Not a bad experience.

I feel I might have skipped saying that I used IronVest for the masked email which I changed the email address to. I received two forwarded emails to my ProtonMail account. One email saying the email addressed was changed and one email saying the account was deleted. I will use this new masked email for about 7 account changes before deleting the masked email address. Before I delete the masked email I go into keepass and delete the affected password entry.

I want to share this experience for several reasons one is your consideration am I being safe and private. I would prefer to connect the Google phone to a public Wi-Fi but my access to public Wi-Fi is infrequent. As well NetGuard is treated like a VPN, but we all should no it is not. Using a VPN on a public Wi-Fi makes sense but not using NetGuard, Google phones home.


One thing I will add too, don’t delete your email accounts like Gmail or Outlook, I deleted mine too early and I lost access to some accounts. It’s better to keep them around for a while so you can clean up all the accounts.


Some of my Gmail accounts are associate with online profiles on various people searches. If I deleted those email address, someone could recreate those gmail accounts and try to do harm.

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Once you delete a Gmail account that username can never be used again, so this shouldn’t be an issue.


I never researched that just always feared it.
Found that you can not delete an O’Reilley Auto Parts account. In this instance, I changed the email address to a soon to be deleted email address, changed the password. Log out and logged in saving the password to Brave. Wrote over all fields with false data, logged out and back in to verify changes. Deleted all the Vehicles in my Garage, logged out and back in to verify changes. Then at the end of the week I will delete the email.

Deleteing a Sam Mobile account from when I had a Samsung S4!!! Well they closed the forum in 2021, i went through a few steps and found a log in, password failed. Attempted to do a password reset and my email address was not recognized. So I just deleted the entry out of the password manager.

Follow up on O’Reilley, they sent me an confirmation email. " Account Email Changed

Hello Thomas, (not my name)

The email associated with your O’Reilly Auto Parts account was recently changed. This new email address will be your new username when logging into your account.

Don’t recognize this activity? If you did not make this change and believe your O’Reilly Auto Parts account has been compromised, please call 1‑888‑327‑7153 (Option #1) or message Online Customer Service."

This got me to thinking. If I was really concerned I could tell them I did not make the change and they might from there delete the account. I do not intend to do this but it could be an option to delete those stubborn accounts.

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