My opinions on the design and usability of the forum

The UI/UXs on the forum has some caveats. I didn’t find a Github repo for a discussion on the improvement of the forum so I guess I will list the issues here. Contains suggestions. Don’t get aggressive folks.

Note: I am using Tor on my Windows machine to view the content rendered. I haven’t looked whether the forum looks different on other browsers.

Welcome page:

2 search bars seem redundant. One on the topbar and one on the front page. Both seem to do the same thing. Consider removing the search bar below the Welcome text. The search bar on top can be expanded and placed in middle, YouTube style with a placeholder text saying “search” or something.


The icons on this site are really ugly. Use Phosphor icons instead. Really easy to implement. The account icon looks bland. For the “Categories” section doesn’t show any icons and shows colored boxes instead. Illustration for the discuss section also feature icon sets from 2008. Use open source illustrations from instead.

Flyout/Floating widget

The flyout menu looks really weird and unintuitive. The flyout could instead be more of a flyout menu instead of what it looks right now. The elements could also be made bigger and rounded pill type.

Colour palette (Dark mode)

The colours used in the forum are really weird. The grey and dark grey colours looks more of the same. This can be an accessibility problem. Use a more legible colour palette.