My Frustation with Techlore's "job video"


This is not a troll post and is not intended to come off that way. It is an extensive critique of this video in question The ULTIMATE guide to private job hunting - YouTube it is my opinion and mine alone. This post is 2 days in the making, I took a long time editing this to make sure I said everything I’ve wanted to say in a constructive but thorough manner. Most posts that have circulated in this forum are criticizing other creators for some failing but if we critique others we must also be open to critiquing the leader of our very forum. Thus is the double-edged sword that is free speech. Since Techlore isn’t a one man operation I will be referring to Henry by name since his words are the point of discussion.


I’m currently unemployed and I’m using this video so I can get a stable job online privately, something like work from home or anything near me. I assume most other viewers are in the same boat they are zoomers who are looking for their first real long term job. This video is conveniently split up into 4 core segments so I’ll use them by name. They are Preparation, Job Search & Applications, Interview & Job Offers, and Sealing the Deal. The first one, Preparation is the longest and is what I’m targeting since I don’t have a job yet. There is a lack of transparency, a poor grasp of reality, and there are several contradictions that present themselves in this video. But before I can delve into those I have to bring attention to the lack of sources I cannot find them anywhere. At 2:18 there is a screenshot of namecheap with a number and some text, one can only assume this is some sort of labeling for sources but they are nowhere to be found. Whether him displaying this registrar is an endorsement or him just saying “this is what I use” is left unanswered. His very website Techlore | Resources contradicts this, Henry did mention the website has stricter standards but I still have no idea whether that gives his viewers the pass to use namecheap or not. He doesn’t use namecheap himself he uses orangewebsite so take that for what you will. Also take a look at 2:31 and 2:45 they present the very same issue. Now on to the list in the Preparation segment. 1) Create your job-searching environment. 2) Establish a professional email account. 3) Obtain a work-only phone number. 4) Determine your physical address. 5) Establish rules & boundaries.


Now this kind of makes sense the audience is the masses most would be using google chrome or even brave some compartmentalization might help their privacy a little. As for me with librewolf, hardened firefox, brave, and tor this doesn’t really apply to me. Regardless I still attempted to follow the advice given to the best of my degree I dual boot Fedora and have Brave as a “job-searching environment” only for my Public Identity. I have some minor nitpicks with #1 but overall it seems like sound advice that would apply to most people and be extension the masses.


I can’t say the same about #1 for #2 I will explain what I mean by using Kevin to redact my information, he is a reoccuring character in the TCU or Techlore Cinematic Universe if you will. I have a public protonmail and uses simplelogin for aliasing to mask my real address and prevent spam. As Henry mentions employers would much rather have an email with a domain name because it looks more professional, human, genuine, and honest while being private. Sure that sounds like great advice except for one thing, what the hell is a domain name? For me I know that now it’s the name of a website like or but the masses wouldn’t know such things. Not that long ago I was using google chrome on windows 10 so I’m learning about this recently and people like me are in the minority. I know the masses are in the same boat I was 2 years ago and don’t have the slightest clue what a domain name is. The fact that he is talking like we should know what it is already is baffling to me. Even if you did what about the money? Where is the money coming from? Let’s assume you like me follow what is laid out here Techlore | Resources . I chose njalla do they accept debit or credit? I thought they did because they accepted monero I was ready to use a card from but nope they only accept paypal that is pretty much a no-go for me. How about 1984 I thought orangewebsite was on the pricey side and 1984 looks a bit modern so I chose that. It’s 15 dollars a year for a .com domain that’s basically minimum the domains go upwards of 70 dollars a year. For people with no income where are they getting the money from? He conveniently ignores that proton nor tutanota accept domain names on their emails for free. You need at least a basic subscription with them to get access to that feature. Proton charges $47.88 a year for “Mail Plus” their cheapest sub Proton Pricing Plans - Free & Paid Plans in total this averages to $62.88 a year plus tax. Once again where are we getting the money from the target audience is watching a video on how to get a job they are most likely flat broke. Also what about whois information this is a privacy channel yet Henry doesn’t speak about that at all it’s important stuff. Hackers use that for passive data gathering on potential targets this stuff needs to be safe guarded. The audience once again would have no idea what is whois information. Basically it’s information about who owns a domain, Legal name, address, phone number, and email. Several questions come to mind when I think of this, can I use a PO box or PMB, can I use a pseudo name, can I use a burner number, can I use a alias email. All of these are left unanswered ICANN isn’t even mentioned once in the video even though they govern the rules of all US domains pretty much. It’s alarming when domain name registration requires this much personal info yet Henry is recommending this so effortlessly. He utilizes whois protection on his very own domain it’s not like he is unaware of it he just fails to mention it in this video. Hosting the domain is another story altogether he mentions having a website but that would also need a vps or physical server hardware you own running 24/7 which cost even more money.


3 is obtaining a work only number getting a separate phone is not an option for most and I can’t really imagine myself doing that considering how expensive phones are. Google Pixels are not cheap I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but phones really aren’t cheap getting one phone is a miracle, 2 is a privilege and it should be treated as such. The only true viable options are things like MySudo and a dual sim. The audience’s parents probably pay for their phone good luck convincing them to buy you another number for “compartmentalization” or “privacy” whatever that means to them. For me I managed to get MySudo we know how invasive Google is so MySudo it was they seem like a good company, I talked to support, read the privacy policy, and have used the service. Once again we see Henry’s failing to tell the viewer about the drawbacks of the services he recommends. Let’s see all 4 MySudo subs MySudo plans - MySudo SudoFree doesn’t have a number, SudoGo gives 30 minutes of calling a month if you’re ever on hold for more than half an hour your out of data. SudoPro is what I chose but still it only has 200 minutes of calling a month, SudoMax is the only unlimited plan but 9 numbers is a lot for one person. It’s nice to have but still a lot and not to mention the price of $149.99 a year. Suffice it to say SudoPro is the only viable option for most. It costs $49.99 + the cost of #2 we’re at a total of $112.87 a year. The same question arises where is the money coming from parents can’t pay for everything. The audience would also be confused as to how to use the service I know I was what is a sudo handle, email, private browser, and virtual card. Are they better than cards who knows? Henry never elaborates to that end.


This has to be by far the most confusing part of the video the whole video is confusing and poorly explained but this is really bad. A mail drop isn’t a thing, it just doesn’t exist a search for the term “mail drop” yields answers relating the apple and some other company which is not what we want. There are two ways to mask an address through PO boxes and with what I assume Henry meant is a Private Mail Box or PMB. To his credit this page Commercial mail receiving agency - Wikipedia may give insight into why Henry insists in the video it’s mail drop and not PMB, this may also be called a virtual mailbox. On duckduckgo you only get correct results by using private mail box not mail drop this is never mentioned in the video. Even if he is technically correct in this regard it may put off viewers from even opening one and we can’t talk about this without again going into the price. Privacy is expensive people the P in privacy stands for Purchase because you’re gonna be doing a lot of that trust me. Another thing that really bugs me is why use Yelp? This is a privacy channel yet Yelp gets the green light where is the consistency? This video lacks the slightest hint of self awareness that I usually expect out of Henry. I understand it’s convenient and there aren’t many services like it but if that is truly how you feel then explain that to the audience Henry, it helps the viewer immensely. My PMB cost $140 for a year and $25 for a month and $10 for the key in total that is $175 next year it will cost $140 a year + a free month with the yearly plan. Being conservative and subtracting the key price and saving money with the yearly plan and also adding this cost to the cost of the other services we use. We get a whopping total of $252.87 I think by now you know what my question is. The target audience is unemployed we know they can’t pay this much yearly without a stable job. Unless you are Chris Voss you’re not convincing your parent’s to fork over that much yearly, that’s like another streaming service for your family except it doesn’t benefit the family it’s only for you. This may sound pessimistic but reality is often unforgiving keep in mind you’ll have to jump over a mountain to explain privacy to your parents. They’re not from your generation it’s going to take a while. Of course the PMB bill excludes gas fees, metro card fees, toll fees, and time spent physically moving yourself to the PMB. In other words transportation costs money we once again don’t have. My PMB has a fee for holding a box that doesn’t fit in the mail box where is that in the video where is that in the video. He mentions it’s relatively cheap, yeah Henry maybe for you but we aren’t lucky like you are youtube is a privilege what about the folks that can’t/don’t want to go to college. What about the folks that have no money and they need to work to support their families? How do you format the address when entering it online how do you tell amazon or your employer which box to send to?


No real issues with this it all makes sense maybe you watch some funky stuff or secretly write books on the side and don’t want anyone knowing you do. It was confusing initially but overall this advice isn’t bad.

Job Searching Plans

2 characters present themselves Kevin which is probably the privacy conscious young viewer and Susan which is the old sort of mom type which lives a more convenient life. I’ll touch on Susan but in general I’m mainly after Kevin. Kevin graduated college and is looking for a job in software development or in other words a programming job; he wants to be a programmer. 1 he uses firefox for the job search… what about the other searches do they go in tor browser google chrome? Where? This is left ambiguous. In general compartmentalization helps organization and privacy so not horrible but not great either, should’ve elaborated a bit. 2, purchases with what money he is a college student money isn’t a word college students are familiar with Henry should know he is a college student himself. As I mentioned prior all the details about registrars and domain registration is left unknown and unexplained. Kevin wants to be a programmer and he’s been in college for this he sounds like he knows what he is doing but what about most viewers that don’t? 3, purchases a proton mail subscription and then registers for some reason the subscription part is omitted from the video altogether. 4, chooses a work-only number from MySudo and he bought what subscription exactly? This is a make believe person but the products are real I want to know what sub he purchased so I can get it too. The viewers probably share similar beliefs. If it was SudoPro which I chose what happens when he runs out of minutes/data or what happens with the other numbers he has? Does he only use one this is left once again, ambiguous sadly this is a running theme throughout the video. 5, purchases a maildrop address for work. How does Kevin travel to the maildrop does he fly seriously it costs money to move around we aren’t in some video game. How far away is this thing from his house? What are the prices like? Are there any limitations? Why do they require identification this is a privacy channel where was this in the video. Yes you heard that right Henry does not mention they require 2 forms of ID to open the box for you. I feel like Henry has this preconceived notion that all of his viewers are fairly knowledgeable on all of his topics when in fact we are all novices. While the few that aren’t are out there living their lives and deciding what to do using their own wit and experience. 6 and 7 are both fine I don’t have issues with them and if I do they are minor. Susan compared to Kevin barely does anything laid out in the video she uses her old work computer and uses google voice but that’s fairly it. Another thing to note is she does use a maildrop as well so this seems like an important thing to Henry if it’s common throughout both characters. In the context of Susan Baker this makes sense and seems valid she has a gmail, google voice comes free, the mail drop is all she is paying for because even the work computer was from the company. She is older and probably still has money lingering from her old job so the maildrop is affordable for her life. She has experience as well so she most likely knows how to get another job and when she secures it she’ll be able to pay the bills and live her life. As for Kevin I have no clue how he is gonna scrounge together $252.87 for everything he uses. He could be using 1k gifted to him by relatives but that would be burning through savings. If he unfortunately doesn’t fine a job before he is out of cash he is screwed. The domain will expire, the email wont work, he will lose access to the PMB, and MySudo will cancel his numbers. Effectively ghosting him from his employers this is not a stable solution for most. There is some awareness he does say “this process will look different for everyone” at 5:30 but he doesn’t elaborate. I want to know if it’s okay to use nothing in the video or if I should use as much as possible.


Henry I like your content what your doing seems noble and I support the cause. I’m prepared to face backlash for this post and I hope this can strengthen the community and clear up some confusion I have. I’ve had a horrible time in the Techlore matrix server everyone thinks I’m troll but this is how I feel, there was a lot of annoying/toxic people in that room maybe the forum will be nicer. I just hope you can take the time to really consider what I have said and respond to each point. I will try to read all responses to this post and feedback is of course welcome. If you respond this may strengthen the privacy community and I’ll stay. If I do get banned I’ll take that as a sign I should leave you wont be hearing from me on any alt because if this forum censors free speech it is not for me. The cards are yours.

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simple solution work on a farm get cash or find an under the table job

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll forward this to the production team, but realistically there is only so much information we can fit into an 11 minute video :slight_smile:

I’m not really sure why you think you’ll be banned? We do have some expectations for content on our platform, so it’s not quite unlimited speech, but as long as you follow our standard community rules we shouldn’t have an issue!

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I would love to see a part 2 like some revised addition the video really had me feeling lost. About the banned thing; I was worried a post that wasn’t all positive would be frowned upon this is my first time here. Matrix wasn’t really nice to me either nor discord haha. All in all thanks Jonah for the consideration I appreciate it immensely.

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I have been employed now for a year. A lot of the company HR for hiring use accounts created with your email address.
I have been able to go in and delete resume information and delete documents uploaded. Having the last 5 years uploaded to accounts created using an email has taught me a lot.

Most accounts you can not change your email address, i wish I would have used a temp email address. I can see some HR person concerned with an unusual email address. @gmail looks normal, @simplelogin kinda odd. Shorter seems better than longer looks cool, dCt-|]5*( is just not easy to read.

In hindsight I would treat these accounts like any account i don’t trust to delete my information. Delete or spoof all non required information. Spoof all required information. Delete any documents are update fake blank documents “update your resume”.

As far as cost goes, i can see your frustration. I now use DeleteMe or Abine, Blur recently changed to Iron Vest. Masked phones, emails, and credit cards all in one. MySudo did not work out cant recall why now.

Sorry I don’t understand what your saying. What I can glean from this is you’ve tried to get hired, failed, then got the job, and have some experience with HR reps or you’re making some sort of educated guess why HR people wouldn’t give you the time of day. Idk what you mean by can’t change email people change their email all the time it can be redirected rendering the old one useless. They could keep the old email but why bother if you have an issue with people remembering the email and maybe spreading it to colleagues I could see why but they are just people, computers never forget people do. If computers had the memory we do this forum wouldn’t exist lol. And yeah the cost is absolutely abhorrent though techlore videos need to have realistic goals for real people’s threat models.

Yes I got the job I really wanted but i applied many places using an old gmail account, in hindsight i would have used a one time email and deleted the email.
These large companies make you create an account and you upload 10 years of your life history. Its often harder than just deleting an online profile.
Everything you upload or form you fill out is as truthful as possible because your accuracy will determine if you get a job. There is no questioning these forms, like why do you need to know my three previous address.
Most of these services you can not opt out of. If they had a data breach your seeing more than a LinkedIn profile.