My experience with ProxyStore (

In case you do not know what the ProxyStore is:
They offer digital goods like Anondaddy, Cryptomator, Koofr Cloud Storage, Lavabit E-Mail, Little Snitch, Mullvad VPN, PentesterLab, Safing Privacy Network, SimpleLogin and Tutanota E-Mail coupons.
For the digital goods site, they also have an onion link.
They also have an online store where they offer Books (Hardware, Cryptography, OSINT, Privacy, Hacking etc.), Faraday Bags, Gadgets (like USB condoms or Mullvad VPN nail polish :joy:), Phones (Google Pixel devices and you can even choose that they come with GrapheneOS preinstalled), some networking devices like routers, FIDO2 keys, RFID and NFC blockers and physical Mullvad VPN gift cards (like store gift cards)
And they have a local store at Bernhard-Göring-Straße 162, 04277 Leipzig (Germany).
Last but not least they have a printing shop (also available via an onion link) where you can print stickers and clothes and pay with Monero or cash and more and they have an order service (onion link), where they order good for you that you minimize your data/be anonymously

My experience with their Online store:
I bought the book Permanent Record by Snowden, a Mullvad VPN gift card ad a Mullvad RFID protection card in the evening when they had already closed and I paid using Monero (they accept cash, bank transfer, Monero, Bitcoin and PayPal).
The next day, around the time when they open their local store I already got a shipping email, so you get your order really fast after you ordered.
The next day I received my package, everything as expected and they even gave me a few Monero stickers and a Mullvad VPN sticker and some camera cover stickers.
All in all, everything worked fine, delivery was very fast and they surprised me with some stickers and they did not ask weird questions, they only needed my name and address (which they btw. only keep for two weeks and then they delete it) and an email (where I used a SimpleLogin email), you do not need any account or something else.

As you already read, they also have a local store in Leipzig in Germany where you can buy the same things they have in their digital goods store and online store. There they also offer a Tails computer for you to use, a shredder with security level P-7 for strictly confidential data and a copier/printer to use to leave no “fingerprints” :wink:. Also they have way more books there than in their online store, and for every book you buy there they will donate to projects like Qubes OS, Whonix, Tails,, EFF and some more.
I will definitely visit the local store in the near future and will reply here to make an update.

I really like this shop and concept, and I’m happy that there is a shop like this in my country.
If there are people here who have had positive or even negative experiences with this store, I would be happy to hear about it here :slight_smile:.


I am really glad you have shared your positive experience with them as I have wanted to use their Online Store for quite a while but decided to hold back and wait for some opinions on it.

I never noticed this! :joy:

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Funny, yes :joy:. But is a nice idea to protect hardware. Maybe not for really individuals, but companies who are quite big could use it to protect the hardware from being physically accessed.
I’d suggest that you read How to Tamper Protect a Laptop – With Nail Polish - Blogi | Mullvad VPN, they explained how the nail polish works. Or if you want a more detailed explaination about the Mullvad nail polish I would suggest you to read the article from dys2p (btw. dys2p belongs to ProxyStore and it is a project where they build and explore stuff and translate texts.).

That’s so cool! Thanks for sharing

I can recommend as well. Bought Mullvad 1yr digital voucher. Paid by BTC and had the code in no time :+1: