My Even DEEPER Dive into Custom DNS Across VPNs

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Hi, @Henry. When you replied to a comment asking if NextDNS was open-source, you said that yes, it is open-source. But looking at their GitHub account, there is the CLI client repository which is Open-Source, there is also a repository named “metadata” but I don’t think it could confirm that NextDNS is fully Open-Source. You can correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:


The main missing piece here IMO is their native applications that don’t appear to be open source, yes good catch.

I’ve updated the pinned comment and description of the video with more information that people are sending my way:

I would also like to add that NextDNS works (with the native Windows DoH option) in conjunction with Mullvad VPN

@Henry When I watched the video, I got the impression you prefer ipv6 to ipv4. What are the pros and cons of each option?

EDIT: I haven’t watched the whole video before I asked this. Seems you mentioned the linking issue. Still, the question remains. I used to hear that ipv6 wasn’t recommended because it makes your device more recognizable. Is that a concern in VPN + NextDNS configuration? How does the linking actually work in this case?