My comment on Youtube got deleted in 19 Seconds! , Could anyone explain?

I was commenting on Surveillance Report latest video SR119 , And my comment was about story they didn’t cover , I was editing it after few seconds but i couldn’t cause it was deleted , I thought it is a problem with my connection so i re-comment with the same news and it was deleted , So i waited for few minutes and re-comment for the third time and try refreshing so fast so i could understand after how many seconds my cooment would be deleted and it was 19 seconds!!

Could anyone explain this to me??

My comment

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Youtube sometimes automatically removes comments without the creator knowing, AFAIK. Maybe thats what happened?

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Ok but why did it remove it at the first place ?

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No one knows. They do it and they’ll never tell us why. It’s why I’ve stop using YouTube.

Uhh probably the Muslims and quran burning stuff was flagged as hatred content by YouTube’s bots.

I still hate YouTube for banning Quran comments beacuse I am a Muslim Myself

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You linked to pages, outside of YouTube. Every single comment I’ve sent, that contains external links, gets removed via auto mod. I’ve been noticing this since the comments update, about a year so ago, when trying to tackle scammers.

Edit: The creators should still be able to see the comment. It just needs “approval” before it gets listed. The problem is, creators rarely actually check that page. Why would they want to read a lot of (potential) hate and scams, just to approve that odd (filtered) good comment.

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Youtube messes comments up a lot, it’s not an issue with the video uploader usually.

Can confirm we are not online 24/7 deleting comments. This is all on YouTube’s end of things. And no this isn’t even in our held-for-review section.

Just checked now for the first time, nothing there:

Part of the reason we’re on the forum is so that videos can be discussed here :slight_smile: