MURENA a de-Googled Android smart phone

please look at this video:

FFWD >> 6:03 mm:ss

Supposed to be a crowd sourced de-googled android phone. If anyone has any info on it please provide a response.

So e/OS has been around for quite some time. It’s not some new startup with half a dozen promises to break. You’re essentially just swapping Google’s services, for what the E Foundation provides. They’re a pretty good alternative, and I love this idea. Considering this whole thing is not cheap/easy for E to do, I’d imagine this Kickstarter is to gauge interest. The device re-connection switch, reminds me of the Librem 5, by Purism. Hopefully this fairs better, as I love the idea.

One thing to be wary of, though. How long will this device get updates? We know it’ll ship with Android 13 (mentioned in their FAQ), but nothing promised after that. On that note, I can’t even find out if the original Murena got Android 13 (it shipped with Android 12).

The specs are also a little lacking. Aside from the RAM, it looks like a mid-range 2 year old phone. I know you’re not buying for the spec sheet, but it’s a nice thing to keep in mind. I’d sooner buy a Pixel 6 (with Calyx/Graphine), than this.

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I talked to someone online who had the first model, he said they shipped it with /e/OS and the bootloader OEM locked, it didn’t have any custom OS warning when you boot the phone.

You guys got any links?

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