Multiple Firefox Instances Running Simultaneously

I just opened up Task Manager to shut down something that was stuck and noticed that under Apps
it shows–
I assume that means there are 15 instances of Firefox running.
I’ve restarted a couple of times which will change the number shown but it never goes below 10. I know the number reflects how many tabs are open, but even with only 1 tab open it shows—Firefox(10).
Any idea what’s going on here, and should I be concerned?

UPDATE: I decided to see what happens with Brave. Same thing. On start up I immediately have 10 instances of Brave running.


Not really, it seems to happen with every browser

No. As it seems to happen with every browser, it is unlikely to be an issue, and even if it is, you can’t really do anything about it.

Unless your computer is running slow due to you browser using a lot of resources (CPU, RAM, etc) I wouldn’t worry about it.

Those are different process ie. sandbox performed by the browser.