Mullvad VPN package repositories for Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora

Something for Mullvad users to check out, their new system makes installing the client and keeping up to date much smoother now:


Great! I wanted that! :tada: :+1:

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What about Opensuse And Nix os Users they don’t have A packages for them you should’ve been able to at least confirm that problem

Hopefully they’ll add OpenSUSE one day.

Or actually I wonder - why instead of all those repos don’t they make an AppImage or Snap? (Not sure if a Flatpak is possible.)

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Beats me i don’t know why they are ignoring cross platform packages When They’re more convenient and Secure

Maybe because of the fact Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora based distros are very, very commonly by many Linux users?

For Arch Linux, there’s already an unofficial AUR package to use Mullvad.

For OpenSUSE, maybe this could help?

For NixOS, there’s an unofficial package for it in the repos but it is still in 2023.3 :


Thanks for your Amazing help rolls

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